Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tagged...and I got right to it!

NerdGirl tagged me for a meme.

For this meme I must post Six Random Facts/Habits About Myself that I Haven’t Already Posted. This is hard. What don't you know?

1 - I suppose I can admit here (not at home) that I'm a control freak. Cristy assumes that it's just about the remote control but that's just how I diffuse it. I have honestly had no control over my life these last few years and I'm certain she'll feel the effects of that until the day I die. Or she dies. You get it. Don't tell her.

2 - I eat cereal. A lot. Without milk. I hate cow milk. I put my cereal in a bowl like a normal human but I don't add cow milk or any milk. Cow milk is from cows and that's just gross.

3 - Speaking of odd eating habits, I love sunflower seeds. However, I've never figured out how to eat them without using my fingers. I don't understand how you can divide the shell and only eat the part that doesn't leave slivers in your tongue. What are you - magic?

4 - I've never waxed my eyebrows. & I don't pluck. I tried plucking once and I thought I might die. So I recently decided to get my upper lip waxed because I'm certain I saw some kind of shadow. I . thought . I . might . die. Seriously, I've never felt more pain. If I can save one of you, it will have been worth bringing this up. Don't wax your lip. Wax all your under parts, wax your brows but God save you, don't wax your lip.

5 - I sniffed a whole peanut up my nose. Don't ask.

6 - I used to fall asleep and try to dream that Michael Landon was my father. This doesn't say much for my pa. I mean, my dad. But it was more about living the life of Laura Ingalls - Prairie and all.

So there you have it. Did you really know any of this about me? I've stumped you, I can tell.
So who's next? I get to pick THREE of you!

KJ - because she hasn't nearly exposed herself enough
MM - because she's the funniest girl I know (no pressure)
& KLG because those babies aren't keeping her very busy these days :)

Big love to you all!