Friday, November 30, 2007


So my actual birthday came and went but I’ve been assured “birthday treatment” through the weekend. I’m a very lucky girl. Thanks for the many birthday wishes. I was still reading them this morning and feeling so grateful to know you all.

I worked yesterday but Cristy came and took me to lunch. I was kind of bummed out – just missing Gracie and wishing I could share my day with her. I tried to hold it in but ended up burying myself in it for a while. When I got home last night, Cristy had made a beautiful dinner and I was able to just enjoy the end of my day. Crab, squash and sparkling wine – delish! Isn’t it pretty?

Later today I will attend the funeral of my old Senator when we lived where we lived before now. He was a wonderful man and I'm certain there will be tears. I didn't know him personally but he always had time for me when I was fighting Gracie's bill in the 2006 session. The first time I met him, he hugged me goodbye and I had this moment of "he's kind of like Charles Ingalls" - whom I loved dearly. Anyway, God bless Sen Mayne.

Luckily, I have some birthday money to spend so hopefully that will be part of our Saturday. That night we’re celebrating with our best girls (mine & E's birthdays) and I’m SO looking forward to that. Cristy and J get Vegas for their birthdays so we’ll see what they come up with for us. No pressure, girls.

Tomorrow I’ll be participating in a panel about the divide between Gays and Evangelical Christians after we all watch For the B*ble Tells Me So - again. I do love this movie but I think I've seen it three times this year... I’m a little torn about the discussion. I suppose most people there will have a negative feeling toward religion and Christianity and that always makes me a bit uncomfortable. I am no fan of religion but I can also see a clear separation between the two and, where I live, they just combine them and call it a day. I see it all the time. I think many of us feel like there isn’t a place for us in a church, especially if you’re looking for a bible based church. But maybe I’ll be a good voice for the ½ and ½. I think they're expecting me to be on the side of the “gay divide". But I took years of debate. I can argue both.

Anyway, I hope you all have some fun holiday plans this weekend. Shopping, decorating, treat making, card mailing…wow, I have a lot to do.