Saturday, December 1, 2007

From Start To Finish

I must say - we've had a very full day. It's 9:27pm and I'm using this post to unwind before heading upstairs to watch Oce*ns 13. - except I've never seen eleven or twelve so I'm really just planning to shut my eyes and assume to know that all the handsome men end up alive and well in the end and that they robbed a big bank and they're all living on the coast of somewhere with an equally beautiful woman.
But back to the day...we woke up this morning to this:
Outside our side patio

Outside our back kitchen window

And the front view

It was so beautiful. I think we got at least six inches of snow this morning! I'm not sure how many times Cristy's shoveled but there is still more snow out there. Time for the blower, for sure! We actually made people come over during this snow storm so if any of you read this, know that we appreciate your bravery and collaboration and thank you very kindly for the doughnuts.

I had work related plans to attend a church service this afternoon and I definitely owe Cristy BIG for going with me. I was supposed to be speaking about the gays vs the evangelicals but it was so NOT that. Instead I spoke to a group that included a spritiual healer, a sex addict and a non-gay living gay man. We watched the movie I told you about and then searched "inside ourselves" for the answers it gave us. There were many moments of, "now close your eyes and listen to what your insides are telling you...listen...listen..." I sat there (eyes peeked open) and prayed that Cristy wouldn't laugh out loud. She didn't.

Tonight we went to Fr*sco's. If you live where I live and you haven't been there, do. It's a lovely little Italian pocket and the food was delicious. We celebrated our birthdays and they decorated our dessert plates with Happy Birthday chocolate sauce. I was wishing I would've had a camera so I could post a picture here. See how much I love you all? I even think of you while dining. Anyway, it was wonderful and, again, I am blessed to have those girls surround me. All three of them.

So I'll leave you to remember World AIDS Day today, December 1st. I'm not too late yet. And it's never really too late to remember.

"If we are to stop the AIDS epidemic from expanding, we have to break the cycle of new HIV infections. All of us working together -- government, communities and civil society -- can make the difference." Former South African President Nelson Mandela.