Sunday, December 9, 2007

Peaceful & Perfect!

I think I may have had my best weekend ever. Or maybe not Ever but in a very long time.

As you know, we got snow! Inches of it! It's beautiful! & when it snows, we like to do just about anything to stay warm. I love layers and cocoa and blankets and big socks. I love early to bed and late to rise. I love to shop when everyone's too afraid to be out and about. And this weekend, I finally found a painting for our parlor.

I know, I've probably not done a lot of complaining here about not having a painting but I do it a lot to Cristy. We have this big, burgundy wall that's just empty. It's has an art light outlet but no art. & you don't want to just hang something up there. It has to be special and it has to mean more than the furniture we'll have to replace every five years. We got it. (here you go, Jack!)

I know you can't really tell, but it's very big. 4'X4'. But the wall is huge so I really think it's perfect. We hung it last night and we keep walking past it saying, "beautiful!" I think we're both pretty happy with it. The end of a long hunting trip.

Other parts of our weekend were full of me ordering a beer and really liking it, being in pj's by 6pm yesterday and today, renting a movie last night and seeing Gold*n Comp*ss today. (interesting) Seriously, if I would wrapped some presents I might've added "productive" to my title.

But wait, I got a painting. That. Is. Productive.