Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I hope you all had a perfect holiday and are now setting your sites on New Years. It's hard to believe we'll be entering 2008 in just days...

My girl and her boy

Such a sweet smile

He's eight

Molly's boyfriend bought her a new duck

Our family - 2oo7

Our Christmas was really nice. We spent the Eve with my family for their traditional homemade chowder and bread. And then we were back the next morning at 6:45am for Santa Clause. My niece and nephew are still believers and there is nothing sweeter than listening to them rave about the tiny bite that the reindeer took out of the orange. And how Santa always eats Tana's cookie first. He knows. And then they're just amazed that he really listened when they asked for that particular lavender shirt or spy gear. So cute.

And Yeager? Well the kid must've been good this year. He got a cell phone, an xbox 360 and an ipod. And that was before he came to our house! I think Cristy and I were both a little worried that he'd be disappointed at our gifts after opening all that but he was so excited about every little thing. We always give him a gift from Gracie and this year it was his favorite. He even said, "i hope nothing happened to it when it was shipped from Texas". I think we still have some explaining to do. :)

Cristy and I leave in the morning for LA. That was my big gift! I am so excited that I probably won't sleep well - like a kid the night before Disneyland. We'll fly into Long Beach, head down to Irvine then drive the coast all the way up and over. If I feel like bragging about my "down time", I'll try to blog. You'd all like me to rub it in, right?
If I'm not here until after my vacay, have a wonderful New Years!