Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Are Hetero's This Pathetic?

This morning, at 6am, I dropped my partner off at the airport. She's going to her grandfather's funeral and I won't see her until Sunday night.

Every time she leaves I crash. Emotionally, I do better with her here. But worse, physically I'm a mess when she leaves. It's amazing how much she contributes to my life - how much she actually does for me/us. With her gone I have to do things like let the dog out and heat up my own car. God forbid it get low on gas - I might actually have to go to the gas station! She brings me coffee every morning and makes it perfectly. She hugs me every morning, almost always, before I even leave our bedroom. She is the most wonderful person I know. & I know a lot of wonderful people!

I think lesbians say good-bye differently. As her siblings left their spouse's this morning, my guess is they might have waved or said, "call you when I get there". I followed mine around for the thirty minutes I was awake before we left. I kissed her a thousand times (not enough) from the driver's seat. She called before her plane took off and again when she landed. I'm sure they were all teasing her. Do hetero's act so pathetically? Is it the same emotional need that two women have? Maybe I'm just prejudiced. Or maybe her sibilings just aren't adored like she is. Either way, my point is to say that I miss her. And to complain about all the things I'll have to live with - and live without - until I'm with her again Christmas Eve...