Thursday, December 28, 2006

He's There Anyway...

It's Christmas season. This time of year - and all year - I celebrate the sacrifice God made for me in sending His son to save the world.

I don't quote scripture. I don't attend church every week. But I do pray and I smile ear to ear when I think of Jesus and the love He has for me.

My partner and I were talking yesterday about what kind of "missionaries" we are. In our state, Mormons come by the dozen. When you say "missionary" it's almost a bad word among non-mormons. But being a missionary of Christ is simply spreading His love throughout the world. We both decided it works best for us to simply talk about His love and His impact on our lives with people around us.

I don't do this to bother people. I would never say to someone, "hey, you should be a Christian. it's way better than being a Mormon!" I would never think that being Buddhist brings you less happiness than having Jesus in your life. I think about it in terms of peace. What brings you peace? Because whatever answer that may be, I know the real answer is Jesus. When you think you're having good karma - it's Jesus' love. When you think your requests are answered through meditation - they are, through Jesus.

During this season (no matter when His birthday really is), my hope is that people come to know the peace of having excepted Jesus into their hearts. He's there anyway...why not? :)