Friday, January 12, 2007

Four's the Magic Number

It's a Friday night and I'm officially supposed to be on bed rest. Ick. Who thought of such a thing? It turns out, I developed some crazy sickness called OHSS. Ovarian Hyper Stem Stimulation or something like that... We had our retrieval on Wednesday - a day early. My ovaries were about to burst through my skin and my doctor couldn't wait another moment.

They got a total of 13 eggs. Thirteen. That sounds impressive, really. They called yesterday to tell us only four of them fertilized. Four is a much smaller number than 13. And because of my illness, they couldn't do the transfer. I'm trying not to be a Negative Nancy but it's hard when I want it so bad. And now that I'm in terrible pain, I pray it's not for nothing.

The retrieval went well. I would recommend it, really. It was painless and not as scary as I had imagined. My doctor and all the nurses were wonderful and I'm so impressed with how well my beautiful partner did and how well they treated her. I'd do it again, I guess. Hopefully I won't have to.

I also got a letter from my daughter's GAL today. (Guardian Ad Litem - her attorney) She is recommending that I get there again this month and every month from now on for four days a month. Four seems to be my magic number, I suppose. I'm happy about it. I've learned not to believe it until I see it but I'm missing her so badly and wanting it to come true. It's always about wishes when it comes to her. I wish for weeks, sometimes months and eventually I get to her.

Back to they froze them. All four of my little people. We named each of them and plan to sprinkle fairy dust each time we speak their names. :) Not really but it sounds like it may be helpful. We'll thaw them when my body is more healthy and hopefully start round two in April. April sounds like a nice time to get pregnant.

I'll keep wishing.