Wednesday, January 17, 2007

God Bless Kodi

Let me start by saying I hate to only write when I'm complaining. I don't want someone to read my journal one day and say, "good God, she lived a hard life!" I think my life has been a trial of late (maybe the last three years)...but I really believe things will start to shine. So far this year...not so good.

Yesterday, we had to send our dog to heaven. I wasn't way sad because she was fifteen and very ready to go. But I'm very sad for my partner who had become extremely close to her once we got together. Losing a dog is such a hard thing. They seem so happy and they need you so much. To have them go away is such a loss to your heart and to your ego. God bless Kodi. We will always miss her here.

I'm still recovering from OHSS but doing much better. I'm walking, sitting, getting up by myself and I've even gone to work two days in a row. I swear, my sweet stepson thinks I have some kind of deadly disease. He spent the last four days here and every time he looked at me it even scared me. Poor guy. He told his other mom he was very worried about me. See? Sweet. And I did get a lot of extra attention from him - that's never a bad thing. :)

We're still on track to do the transfer in April or May. I'm feeling hopeful and, in the meantime, I have some time to lose some weight and focus on my daughter. Today, the Utah Court decided not to give my case over to Texas. That means nothing to you but a lot to me.

It's a good day.

I work for a non-profit and our focus is lgbt legislation and making positive change in our community. There's a bill on in loco parentis that was brought up today. If you were me, this would be very important. You see, back in 2004, I was found to stand in loco parentis to my daughter. It means that, while I'm not related to her by biology, marriage or adoption, I am her parent and that's what she's always known. Some crazy legislator is trying to make it so families like mine can't use the common law to protect themselves and their children. It's hurtful and I don't understand. There'll be a lot to talk about as the bill progresses so I'll just end this here.

Sweet dreams lady bug. I'll meet you there.