Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An Old House to Grow Old In

A while ago I let you know we were house shopping. So much has happened since then that I haven't really updated you on the little things. :) You know like, buying a whole, big house with another human being!! All in all it's pretty exciting. We found a beautiful old house to grow old in and I really think this one's in the cards.

I should first say that it was born in 1896. Also, it's purple but soon to be green. And, the prophet of the Mormon church was born there...I swear to God. I'm sure he wasn't born in 1896 but probably not long after. They wait until someone's almost dead to let them speak with God. (but that's another story) So how funny is it that the prophet's birth house will now be smudged by lesbians? I know, full circle. For those of you not from Utah, I really can't explain it any further. :)

This house is amazing. It has so much character. It's aged, like good wine. Only wine with a few cracks in it and too many layers of paint. Maybe cheese would be a better example. But still, it's unique and fascinating and, in some ways, mysterious. It has a parlor for God's sake! How cool is that?

Yegs is thrilled because it has a tree house. Little does he know there's also a secret attic that will surely be magical to a seven year old boy. There's a huge yard for exploring! My hope is that there aren't any bugs but my guess is he'll find plenty.

But of all the neat things about it, my favorite is that I'm going to live there with C and that we're going to begin somewhere new and build lifelong memories. We won't be moving in without Gray in our hearts. We'll hold her close and let a new family build memories in our old house. In her old room. And some day, she'll see where we've been waiting for her.