Monday, February 26, 2007

Some Change is Good

You might have noticed that my blog has changed. There are some updates, photos, real names, etc. That's because it doesn't matter any more. My life is no longer a secret. I am grateful for this in some way but I'd trade it back in a second.

Some of you that email me don't have a clue who I am. I will tell you now - my name is Keri. My daughters nickname is Gray. Hence the title of my blog. My partner is C and her son, my stepson, is Yegs. We are currently a no dog family but I'm certain we'll be changing that when we get a new home and Yeager gets his way. We're also, as you know, hoping for a new baby and I'll be certain to introduce HER (or him :) when the time comes.

I wanted to get this out in a generic post so I can get on with business. I thought if I just started using names, without introduction, I'd throw you a bit.

So there you go.
Nice to meet you.