Wednesday, February 28, 2007

They Remind Me

My best friend Jack sent these words to me yesterday. I wanted to share them with you...not to show off her talent or to depress you even more with my story but to really share it with those of you, like me, who might need a little validation through the battle.

Thanks for being who you are, Jack. "Jackie" was one of Gray's favorite words for a very long time. Mine too.

For your blog:

She is a Mother:
Beautiful and proud,
She holds the imaginary hand of hope
and walks toward the unsteady future,
praying for stillness, to remove the turmoil inside.
She is a Mother:
Forever, unconditionally.
Prescribed this title by God,
She has been denied by man,
Temporarily ceased from being,
She wants to be left alone,
Yet must remain engaged.
She is a Mother:
Steadfast and loyal,
Driven by courage, yet stifled by discrimination.
She is pure and honest,
Sensible and upfront.
She is a Mother,
Inherently ingrained with the qualities of such,
Naturally and gracefully.
She is my hero:
She is the reason I am here,
The reason I believe in Jesus and in love.
One can only pray for qualities like her's.
She is a Mother,
And also my best friend.

I love you.

This one is from another non-bio mom in my State. She fights this fight with me every day. I know there are a few of you who deserve to hear these words from her just as much as I do. Ohio and North Carolina - hang in there. We are right there with you.

It is your sorrow that enters my dreams
and takes me captive in the night.
And there you are,
crushed by the weight of the world and its ignorance.
A warrior
that is tattered and torn by the courageous fight for its life.
A battle
that the gods of a society all too soon struck down with one violent blow.
And the sword of ignorance and arrogance
has fallen upon you, offering no compassion.
And in my slumber, I see you softly on the earth
with a flood of sadness running through your streets.
But, I know in this moment as I watch you,
that you are a spiritual warrior,
and your strength is as visible as your grief.
It surrounds you and is in you,
like it runs through the lifeline of your soul.
I know you are tired,
but your bravery is as strong as eternity is long.
For you stood fearless before the face of a savage society
For you
For me
For all of us
And we thank you for your valor.
And I know one daythe sun will rise on your horizon and warm you into a soft peace.