Thursday, February 1, 2007

Are you feeling it?

Happy February - the month of Love! I don't know about you but I can find pounds of love in my life and I'm grateful for every little piece.

Whether it's my partner, my mom, my daughter, Jesus, my friends - it's all over the place! I selfishly place people in my life that love me. Who doesn't? I learned to do this a long time ago. Every person in my life fills a roll. I do my best to serve a place for them too but I'm certain I gain far more than I give.

To begin, there's more than just the bodies in my life that fill me with love. There's blue sky, funny stories, high heels, yellow t-shirts, white socks, days with no wind, back rubs, baby strollers, love songs, old pictures, new pictures, good movies and Sundays.

On the other hand, I have the love of a wonderful woman. She is kind and caring. She's smart and funny. She's beautiful and even handy! (She hates when I call her handy but I think it's quite a quality.) My life, of late, seems to be trial after trial and still she's there every day to hold me up. This month, I'm going to do something special for her. But I'm not telling you because you might tell her.

I also have the love of a wonderful family. & I'm not sucking up because, I swear, none of them read this blog. Truly, my family has been through a lot with me and a lot, in general. Through it, we've remained terribly close and stronger still. My immediate family meets once a week for dinner and it's my favorite thing. I feel like a hypocrite saying that because if anyone ever misses, it's me. But when I'm there, I love every minute. And when I'm not, I'm wishing I were.

I have a five year old daughter who gives me more love than I've ever felt my whole life. No matter how often I see her, she fills me right up. Loving her back gives me such intense joy. It makes this world feel easy and beautiful and all she has to do is BE! There is nothing more loving than your childs hands on your face and I can always count on her for that. She defines the very feeling.

So, happy Month of Love ladies and gentlemen. Now, when you email me, you won't think I'm so pathetic and you'll know, instead, who/what keeps me breathing.