Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Six Years Ago

Six years ago, today, my daughter was conceived. It didn't happen by accident and there weren't candles and romance but there was plenty of love. I celebrate this day almost as much as her birth. A miracle happened and neither of us thought she'd come so soon. So many people try for months and months - including myself - but after three tries, there she was ... a little creation!

She was born very small and very early. She was healthy but she looked liked she'd fit in your pocket. I wondered if she'd ever get to face forward in her car seat. 4 lbs 10 oz. 17". And now she's five! She's a little, energy filled tom-boy who wrestles in princess dresses and high heels. She's so tall and so big. She's smart and sassy and I am more grateful for her than another other piece of this earth!

Six years ago, she was created...and I am thankful for every wish we made that morning that brought her here. I'm still making those wishes so I can finish watching her grow!

It was our third try and she is definitely a charm!