Monday, March 5, 2007

Do you know The Secret?

Time just keeps passing.

It's March and so many things are going on. My house, my people, my life, my country are all a little tired these days. My house is 1/2 packed and 1/2 lived in. My people are still in shock about the ruling and what lies ahead for the next many years. My life is hauntingly still without battle and my country is being led by a complete idiot.

I lay awake and think about how we ended up here. & I'm not necessarily complaining - just curious at how a few simple steps such as... selling your house to the first couple that has a baby girl or electing five people to make life altering decisions or the fact that the ruler of the free world could actually win an election without really even winning... can move and change things so drastically. All of these things (& so many more) have such a huge result on the rest of forever. I know, a little dramatic. But seriously, all that grows or must be un-done is just mind boggling.

We had a nice weekend. My boss gave me a day off and that sent me into "packing" mode. Packing sent me into a flood of memories and while I was crying next to my daughters bed on Thursday afternoon, I got a phone call. A friend that I rarely speak with, aside from community work, called simply to ask how I was doing. It was perfect timing. The ringing of the phone pulled me up off the floor and the conversation pulled me out of a space that was sure to ruin my weekend. She asked if I had seen "The Secret" and, because I hadn't, she talked and talked about how amazing it was and it changed the course of everything else for the next few days. Everything. Incredible!

Later that day, we had the inspection on our new (really old) home. I'm not sure if I told you but Yegs was very against the idea of moving. He loves his house, his room and his things just the way they are. He loves it so much that he fights us to stay home every minute of every weekend. Needless to say, we knew it would be a chore convincing him that there could possible be a better place to live. Problem #1: We have always said we would make the decision as a family. So once we lied and bought the house without him knowing, I was scared to death that he would say "no". We'd have to go against our "word" and do it anyway and what kind of lesson is that to a seven year old? I was stressed.

We picked him up and he informed us that he was so distraught about the house that he missed five on his spelling test. I know, a little manipulative but it was working on me. All the way downtown he had tears in his eyes. He didn't want to move. There's no way aroun it. I spent the whole drive telling him my favorite things about his room and all the things we can do over the years to make the house perfect. I also added things like, "you look so handsome today!" and "tell me again about that new bear you want". But there need'nt be sucking up. Once we walked into the house and he did some exploring, it was "Y-E-S"!! He Loves it! He loves his room, the tree house, the attic, the Everything! & we could not have been happier. One day he'll know that we never actually kept our end of the deal but for now, he thinks HE made the final decision and we're fine with that.

The house passed inspection so everything is on it's way. We're still packing up one house, trying to get another one to sell and buying our very first home Together! Keep your fingers crossed that nothing falls through. Wait, let me re-phrase that...Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes right!

See? I know "The Secret" :)