Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wishing You Little, White Daisy's

I forgot a few things...

First, Happy Spring to all of you! The timing is perfect for my "new beginning" phase. Not that I purposely picked to be here but since the Supreme Court has decided to turn my life upside down, I might as well ride with it.

Spring brings new life, new beginnings. My hope is that it's the beginning of healing and renewal. My hope for Gray is that her front garden is full of little white daisy's by now and that, for years to come, they're full of "love me's" rather than "love me not's". My hope is that I taught her well enough to know that picking flowers for your nightstand is never a bad thing. I would guess that it's rainy season by now in Texas and that she's chased rainbows ten times by now. Her other mother will teach her to dance under them while rubbing her belly and patting her head and she'll look crazy to other's while she wishes with her eyes closed. But I know the joke. I fell for it too. It makes me giggle and cry just to think about it.

Second...Court. Some of you are asking how it went so I thought I'd just answer it here. Fortunately, I missed it. I got the time wrong and I actually think it was a higher power that lead me a stray because I was begging the Universe to keep me from going. Anyway, I got the call from my amazing, fantastic attorney who told me that the Judge just wanted to spank the opposing attorney for being such an incredibly awful man. (okay, those are my words but it was basically just like that) She has recommended him to the Social Conduct Board and we're all hoping he gets in a lot of trouble. The Judges are all terribly unhappy about the ruling, knowing it doesn't put the best interest of the children First and it takes away their room to do what is RIGHT! - not for GAYS but for CHILDREN. It was a little validation but really nothing compared to what has happened.

So there you have it! We're all updated.
Thanks for all the concern.
Back to moving.