Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm asking you on a date

Have I mentioned that my house has been filled with workers for the last week? ie. Painters, roofers, sheet rock(ers) and soon to be carpet layers. Well it's finally coming to a close. By tomorrow, the inside guys should all be on their way home and I will finally be able to move in.

The whole main floor of my house is a wreck. Not to mention how awful the smell is of paint and stain and wall mud stuff. These poor men stay in there all day and suffocate through the fumes. I keep reminding them to wear masks. I lay them out every night. But they don't. My family has no nose hairs left. (not that we really have nose hair because that would be gross.) We won't even let our son sleep there because his brain cells may be more volatile than ours. You never know about such things. Anyway, the point is, they're leaving and WE'RE STAYING!!

Last night, my partner and I were laying in bed and she said, "I promise you that one day this will be your dream house." We've been talking about all it can be but these are things that will take patience and much more money than we have this day. But how fun! It's been such dessert for me to watch her participate in colors and art and furniture. Who knew she cared so much? We've always had two separate houses. She decorated hers and I decorated mine. Doing it together has created this whole new dimension of partnership between us. My letting go of some of that control has been an incredible step for me and it's also allowed her to show off her "passion for fashion"! (she would die at that reference but you get what I'm saying)

We are party host(ers). We love having gatherings of small friends. Or small gatherings of friends. Either way. I am so excited to host our first dinner in our beautiful dining room. When it's all set up, I'll post a picture so you can validate my taste and tell me how pretty it is. (I won't, however, post pictures of the crooked walls upstairs, the fake tile upstairs or the bad light fixtures upstairs. Let's just say - no pictures of the upstairs!) Really, I can't wait to have you all for dinner!

Are you free Saturday night? You know, Saturday night...May 5th?