Thursday, March 15, 2007

They Can't Get Enough of Me

I just found out I have court on Monday. How is this possible and what could they possibly need to "review"? Will we sit there and rehash the last 3 1/2 years? Do they want to remind me that I lost?

The district court has always been good to me. In fact, losing at the Supreme Court was our first loss in this whole nightmare. If it were the opposite, I never would've had those years to be with her. That's my way of thinking it could've been worse. But what do they want now? Unfinished business? Will they still want her held in contempt? Will they still say she has to pay me back all the money she owes me? Or will they just say how angry they are at the ruling and give me a pitty pat on the back as I shuffle out one last time...

I have spent hundreds of hours in that courthouse and I would be fine to never go there again. But I will. I will go to support those of you behind me. Even if all they can give us now is pitty, pitty is a good start.