Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tick Tock

We are back on for the IVF transfer.

In the next few weeks I'll begin injections again and (fingers crossed) the transfer will be around the first week of May. That means we will have an answer by June! A perfect month to celebrate!

This time won't be so intense because we've already got four fertilized eggs. Twin girls and boys. I'd list names but that would curse it. No more giant ovaries. Just some meds to strengthen my uterus and I can certainly handle that after what they put me through before. It's all worth it though. Every needle prick, every mood swing. If we can add a baby to our family, I won't complain a bit.

So much has happened since we first began this process. There are days I forget we haven't yet finished. Yegs came home the other day and said, "I know what we can name our new baby!" and I thought, "oh yeah, we're trying to have a BABY!" The name, of course, wasn't acceptable but they rarely are. It's usually something like Monkey or Big Head or worse. But I love that he's invested in the process. He's going to make a wonderful big brother to Buttocks Yegs the Second. :)