Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Lap Dance & Marijuana Cigarette

Since I have so little to do right now - you know, with packing up my house, selling C's house and moving in to the purple house...tomorrow evening, we leave for Vegas!

The timing is terrible but we've been planning this trip for six months. We're going with another couple (our best girls) who are also celebrating a birthday. The plan is to smother the girls with a lap dance or two and maybe some triple margarita's. Don't get me wrong, I'm typically not a big fan of a room full of naked woman. In fact, I probably am fine to be called a hypocrite once a year. Vegas seems to be the only place where this kind of thing is allowable for me.

A funny story...

C always said when she turned 40, she would get a lap dance. We were newly dating at that time so I went along for the ride - but thought, honestly, that the whole idea was rather disgusting. We went to a couple of different clubs and couldn't get it without a "man" because they are too afraid you might be a hooker and take away their business. This made the whole thing far worse for me. I mean, we were obviously a couple and more obviously NOT hookers. Anyway, after searching for a while, we found a place to let us in.

Right away we started talking about who would actually get the honor of being C's 40th birthday, first ever, lap dance girl. She spotted her. A little, tiny blond - no fake body parts. Her name was Shilo. But after being there for FIVE hours, she settled on the first girl to come by. She was this very tall, very red headed, very voluptuous woman. We called her Jessica Rabbit. I gave her the money and she proceeded to dance for C. It was hilarious. C barely moved. I'm not even sure that she opened her eyes. I was terribly amused. And I thought, hey - what about me? :)

Unfortunately for C, her sweet little natural girl happened to walk by. This time, it was My turn. Again, I gave her my money and she danced for me. I loved it! She was so pretty and smelled so good and I was totally into it. So much for my feminist nature and my disgust for strippers! She was great fun! :) But don't feel too badly for C - she got a second lap dance by the tiny girl and we left very happy.

So now, years later, we're having a do over. I'm guessing Miss Shilo is no longer a working girl but we're keeping our fingers crossed.

And did I mention that when I turn 40, I'm going to smoke a marijuana cigarette? That, of course, is years away but it's way more safe than a naked woman in Vegas!