Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We Have Officially Moved

I'm so happy to be at work today! Being here means I'm not at court, I'm not cleaning and I'm NOT moving! Thank God! I am sick to death of all three of those activities for weeks (maybe YEARS) to come.

But poor C...she's not yet sick of cleaning and moving. She took another day off to finish what I left her with - a big, fat, mess! But it's so worth it! Our house is practically perfect! Of course, "perfect" would mean there were no boxes in the halls and no cracks in the walls. If it were perfect we'd have Internet access, a phone line and a new roof. We'd have new paint in the family and dining room and new paint to cover the old bubblegum purple shade that now sets us apart from any other house in a two mile radius. Really though, we're just about there!

& more good news - we sold the other house too! So now we have two sold houses and one purchased house! The bad news is now we have two houses to empty and clean. boo. But you can't have things too perfect when making such a big move. It's not like there's a cleaning fairy who will make all the hard parts go away. I'm certain it will make us appreciate things even more knowing how hard it was to prepare for it.

I can't wait for you all to visit! We're calling it the Hinckley Plantation. - In honor, of course, of the prophet's birth place. (Mormon) We always name our homes. Mackay Manor. Downingshire. This one is, by far, the best though. We'll need ideas for cocktails. We'd like them all to be named after prophets so if you have any good ones - do tell!