Monday, August 13, 2007

Becoming Jane

We went to this movie tonight. I'm not a big Anne Hath*way fan but I love stories like these. I went with Cristy and a friend whose husband is gallivanting around India. (love you, Brandon!) I think she liked it too. .

It's a love story. It's tragic, as are most. She has to give up the love of her life to do the right thing. And it was the right thing. Then she began to write novels that shook the feminists around the globe and never, ever is there an unhappy ending in the stories that surround her.

Is it odd to say that I'm certain I wore dresses like that in my last life? & that I danced in circles with my sisters and friends? I know, it is. But I swear I had loosely tied up hair and big bustled dresses. It sounds like torture but I bet I loved it. :) But that's another story.

Life is full of stories like this - people that try so hard to take chances and risks but bravery and reality escape them. They lose. I have been that girl. I am ashamed to say that bravery has escaped me before in my life. But I also like to think that I've learned to hang on to what I love. I hope I've learned enough to not make the same mistakes. Jane Aust*n lived her life without love - well it was outside, not in. I left the theater wanting to read Pride & Prejudice again and again, knowing she wrote it during the fullest time of her life.

I think I might.