Sunday, August 26, 2007

The End of a Weekend

I know that as of tomorrow morning, my life will be terribly stressful until late Wednesday night. That's because Wednesday is our big annual fundraiser and in just a few hours it will be non-stop "get ready" stuff.

We did a volunteer training the other night because this event requires around 70 volunteers. I felt incredibly blessed to have so many people ready to help and I'm sitting here wondering how in the world I can really thank them enough. I've attended this event many times but I've never worked it and never volunteered for it. It's amazing to me what it takes to pull it off and it makes me very proud to work with the people I work with and for the community we serve. If I'm quiet until it's over, now you'll know why.

While the event hardly left my mind all weekend, we were able to escape and have some fun.

Friday night, I went with my best girl for the final fitting of her wedding dress. She and J will be wedded on Sept 29th and I don't know what I want to see more...E in her dress or J seeing her in her dress! It's going to be a bawl fest! Seriously, she is going to be the most beautiful bride in all the land in just four short weeks. Looking at her made me so incredibly happy. I have never seen her more beautiful and that says a lot! Now that stunning secret hangs in my upstairs closet and I can hardly wait for the day it's shared. I'll beg to post a picture here so you can all see what I can't stop talking about. :)

Yesterday, we decided to earn some good mom points and took Yeager to L*Goon. It's a local amusement park and it's been a couple of years since we've been there. We had a BLAST! Yegs has finally decided that he Loves rides! He went on every single thing he was able to go on - every roller coaster, every twirly twisty thing! It was so fun! We went with Uncle Matt & cousins too and we all had more fun that we ever planned.

These are just a few pictures of us enjoying every minute of it.


I wanted to post some good vibes here for my dear friend, Leah. She's a mom who's fighting for her son in Ohio and she could use some big love, prayers and support. Her case will be heard for the first time tomorrow afternoon so please send her courage, peace and strength. We are right there with you Leah! You are brave and strong. You are right! & he will know it!