Monday, August 6, 2007

Post Big Gay Campout!

We're back. And we're exhausted. That's always telling of a great time, right?

We left Friday for Dinosaur National Park ... or something like that. It's about 3 1/2 hours Southeast of here. We were all excited to get there but we grew bored during the 2nd hour. We started singing and getting crazy and out of nowhere...lights. We got pulled over. I blamed it all on Yegs so we just got a warning. Needless to say, we dropped about 20mph and were fine after that. ...until I tried to get Cristy to sing with me again and we passed our turnoff. Another story.

We went to the Museum - Yeager was in heaven!

We eventually found it. Beautiful. Split Rock Mountain. Supposedly their are plenty O' dinosaurs burried in the rock. Yeager told us all the grody details of it. He Loves dinosaurs! We camped at the bottom of a mountain, along the Green river. We set up our tent in the rain and I was happy Cristy didn't suggest a hotel in that very moment. Instead, she was great about getting it up and we toasted to a job well done. We arrived not knowing about 1/2 the campers but I heard the Grease soundtrack playing and that put me right at ease. How bad could they be if they're listening to Summer Lovin'? Someone said later that they'd do the hand jive. I must have missed that along with the skinny dipping. Do over - please.

The view from our campsite and then along the river

When we walked over to the group of people we didn't know, we were introduced to them by their blogs. It was crazy! I had no idea there were so many of them - and they all know each other! Seriously, in that group there must have been eight different bloggers. And many of them are lurkers here which left me feeling very exposed. There is a lot of information here and I guess I forget that anyone can stop by and read as they wish. I don't mind it at all. It just felt strange to have people know my story without me knowing theirs. I would feel much better if you introduced yourselves - so tell me where to find you and who you belong to. I'll feel far less naked. :) But even with that, they were all lovely and everyone had such great kids. It was so nice. We loved seeing the friends we play with often and also meeting so many others.

Cristy and I are recovering from the river running part of the trip. My shoulders hurt. My hands hurt. My knees are sunburned. ? I'm not sure how that happened but I suppose Yeager not getting sunburned was the goal so I didn't do too bad. The river and the rock were stunning. The rapids were a little less than normal but I think we're already beginning talk of another trip earlier next year. Even Yeager, the most timid child on the planet, was begging for bigger water. But the beauty made up for the lulls by far.

Another boat in our group that turned out to be quite the bullies!

Cristy and me - stuck at the ... head?

Yeager getting crazy in the Ducky

We came home to a very taken care of home and very happy dog - thanks to J & E. Couldn't have been better. Well maybe just a little better. You were missed, baby girl.