Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just a Wee bit South of here...

...lies a little town called Draper. If you're not from here, let me explain. It's a beautiful place. It's nestled right under the mountain. It's far enough from sin to get by but not too far that you're secluded from anything un-mormon. By that I mean if you went a little further south, you get to the "no coffee houses, nothing open on Sunday" kind of thing.

So instead there's this little mecca dripping in fancy strip malls and chain restaurants. & I can't stress enough the words "dripping & fancy". And maybe you never thought there could be a fancy strip mall but somehow, they pulled it off. Even the freeway exits are decorated. And if you drive far enough East you see 800,000 homes that only differ in the color of stucco on the outside. They all look alike. Every yard and hand is manicured and every house has a three car garage full of yes, three enormous cars. Every family has 4.5 kids to fit nicely in their big Suburbans. Every Suburban driver has perfectly straight hair, perfectly straight teeth and perfectly fake boobs. They wear soft, little Victoria Secr*t lounge wear and you only see that when they're unloading the baby from the back seat.

I found myself in this place the other night. I went there to see a movie and I noticed more than any time in my life that these people are different from the people I typically see. I live in a pretty nice neighborhood but no one in a 10 mile radius looks that good! What's in the water? Who trains these girls to look the same? Now Googie was really hoping for oodles of bonnet wearing hotties but these girls are just as interesting! Move over Big L*ve!

It freaked me out. Cristy and I kept talking about how strange it was - like going back in time except they weren't wearing poodle skirts or anything like that. I akin it to Stepford Wiv*s but even that is a little harsh. Just odd. No one was different than anyone else. Diversity was lacking on a huge level!

If it didn't have such an incredible backdrop, no one "my kind of normal" would live there. I thought this pictures of my beloved would give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

Now before anyone gets huffy, I do realize there might be some people who do not reflect my opinions here. (I can think of two right off the top of my head - G!) But still, you get the idea. :)