Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Damn the Snow Gods!

...but they didn't keep us ALL home!

I couldn't wait another second to talk about tonight's rally. I know there are so many Utah bloggers and I'm not sure why that is or how you all happen to know each other but I must take a second to tell you all how proud I am to have found you & your families. Standing before you tonight was almost more than my heart could take. The weather was seriously awful. But you came from Park City, Tooele and the point of the mountain. & because of you, I am re-energized. Our bill sponsor is re-energized. Our family community is ready to fight until we've won!
I couldn't wait to post some pictures of our rally tonight. Plus, our sweet Yeager's speech at the rally. I'm telling you, he stole the show. :)

I'm sorry about how dark it is but you can hear his sweet voice.

btw, if any of my readers happen to see their faces or those of their loved ones and want them removed - just say the word. These are without permission from a single one of you.

Cute Yeager who can't stop talking about fighting for his rights!

Look at this sweet boy!