Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday!

I voted early. My little voice has given it's weight to my worthy candidate.

Last Friday I tip toed into the county complex and I swear that I wasn't certain of my vote until the exact moment I pushed the button. I had plus' and minus' about both of my choices but the one thing I'm certain of, and grateful for beyond words, is that I had such a hard choice before me.

Incase any of you are in that same predicament, I thought I'd share this song with you. Before you click, I should tell you that it's in favor of Obama. That's not why I'm sending it out though. I just love it and you will too. & I'm not telling you to vote for him or that you shouldn't. But I absolutely love watching this video and being reminded that we're just inches away from real change. Whether you're voting for Hillary or Obama, you're casting a vote that gives my soul a little breathing room. Doesn't that feel wonderful?

Here I am, assuming that none of my readers could possibly be voting for the "other" party. If you are, I hope it's because you have a secret plan than makes Romney somehow lose by miles. Or if you are, I hope it's because you just come here to spy and you're not really a good American. :) I love saying that... Or if you are, I hope that song changes your mind and you don't waste a vote on someone who doesn't love you as much as I do. snicker, snicker. :)

So those of you who get to cast your vote tomorrow, be comforted that you really can't do anything too tragic. In fact, the only thing tragic you could do is stay home.