Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Whirl Wind!

These past few days have been crazy for us! Aside from the Primary, there have been meetings and work events and now even More snow! I think we're like 200% of normal in the water range and while I'm grateful for enough water, ENOUGH all READY! Sheesh!

Something interesting...yesterday I was back in the Utah Supreme Courtroom. I even sat by my lawyer, just like old times. But this time I was there supporting one of our best girls. I worried that I would be messy - like my eyes would tear up when the elevator doors opened and I'd be sick to my stomach when I saw the Justices. Instead, I feel strong and partially healed, knowing I sat before them and still appreciate what they do!

I watched all of them during the arguments and it felt good to know that even though they got it so wrong by Gracie, they would get it right this time. They were smart and even funny at times. And our best girl was brave and resilient and the day felt successful - like she accomplished something bigger than most ever will.

Did you know that less than 1% of all people actually sit in a courtroom because of their own case? How weird is it that the two of us - two people who sit in the same kitchen over dinner once a week, ended up with a Supreme Court case? I think it's rather odd.

Anyway...So how 'bout that Primary? M'Cain & Clinton! Who knew? Well, I suppose she isn't quite there yet but what a great race! & finally, Romn*y will fade away. He actually ran away with 85% of our Republican vote. Insane. We're obviously off track from the rest of the country - off on so many tracks...

And just so all you know, last night our City Council passed a Domestic Partn*r Registry by a 7 - ZERO vote! How great is that? Incase that doesn't sound like big news, let me remind you that Romn*y won with 85% here. :) It really is very exciting and my heart was full and fat with love listening to all those "yes" answers. Beautiful. Maybe I'll ask Cristy if she'll be my Domestic Partner. I'm so romantic.

I'm ready for March. Or April. ...when we can ride our scooters to get an iced-tea at 8 o'clock at night. And we can plant some flowers and fill the bird feeders and I can wear skirts with no tights. I want the windows open when I clean my house. And I want my dog to smell like perfume after her bath, instead of just wet dog.

Plus, I want to be pregnant.

Seven years ago today Gracie was conceived. It's strange to think about but I set this day aside to remind myself of such a miracle. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I were pregnant now? & I could have a baby somewhere around her birthday? (but she was super early and I don't hope for that) Either way, I'm thinking of her today and knowing that her other mom is celebrating her right this very minute.