Friday, February 1, 2008

Shake it Off

This was my theme for the day - to shake off the muck that smothered me yesterday and fill up with the hope that bathed over me today.

If you haven't yet read chicory, you should. From a person who isn't already a bit jaded by the "justice" of this State, it's worded perfectly.

She, along with her beautiful family, joined me and many other parents at the Capitol today. We arrived with about six other families and by the time we left, we had secured enough nods to get our bill moved to a committee. Big news! Exceptionally big! & I felt so incredibly proud to be surrounded by these mothers who were there simply to ask that their children be treated the same as their legislators children.

At one point, I was standing aside and watching a mother, holding her son, with tears runnning down her face. And I thought, "how can he look at her and say no?" And he didn't. It was real lobbying at work. It was a citizen asking a Public Servant to look a little closer and listen a little longer. It worked.

I'm home now. My breathing is less heavy. My head is less full. I'm getting ready for an insem that I thought would not take place due to my level of stress. But it's happening. And maybe, just maybe I'll create a child while my heart is full of hope and pride and love for all those mother's that came today and created another step forward.

Congratulations, ladies. Your children will be proud.