Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - Update

Anybody who has ever doubted whether a picture is worth a thousand words MUST consider the picture below.

This is my partner, testifying on what having a Domestic Partnership Registry would mean to her. She is talented and kind. She's happy and healthy. She's caring and giving. & he looks at her like she's garbage. When I first saw this picture this morning, it brought out the mama bear in me and I was ready to kick some ass for my family. I had big tears in my eyes just seeing how someone would dare look at her. But then I stepped back and realized he was looking at all of us that way - all of us who think differently than him. You, me, Cristy and every ally who believes that we should all stand equal.

If you don't live in my State, you have no idea who this man is. If you live here and you don't know who he is, you need to. And you need to know all of his friends too. In fact, one of his friends that came yesterday and spoke right before Cristy was Cheryl's awful attorney. She once told me he was the most "godly man" she knew. It makes me sick to even repeat that. He is such a terrible example of a Christian man - I can't even go there.

Anyway, yesterday was the first day I've seen him since my last hearing a year ago. Seeing him was hard enough but hearing his voice was just disturbing. They actually brought up my ruling as reason to deny the Domestic Partnership Ordinance. What is that? At least they made that argument look as stupid as it is...

Yegs came with us and I made sure we were conversing every time they said things like "lgbt parents don't care for their children as well as hetero's..." and "children are better off with a mom & a dad.." He knows better but those are still words I don't want him hearing. He was so proud of his mom when she was speaking. I loved watching his face. Sometimes he looks just like her.

Here's a link to one of the articles.


This is a comment that was left under the article. I though it was perfect enough to copy here...


Please, look closely at the photo of Sen. Butt*rs looking at Cristy Gl**ve while she is speaking. That face of hate says it all.

I imagine Hitler looking at the people he sent to the gas chamber with that expression. Stalin probably wore that expression often. Saddam probably looked about like that as he gassed thousands of his own citizens.

Hate, Mr. Buttars, will eat you alive. It will make you look like that. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and your face reflects your true self. Do you suppose Jesus EVER looked like that? Do you think Gordon B. Hinckley ever wore that expression?

If your motivation was pure, if you really wanted what is best for all residents of Utah... You wouldn't need to look like that Mr. Buttars.

Your motivation is hate... and I'm shocked that a bill such as the one you are sponsoring wasn't laughed off the hill like all hate-motivated actions should be.