Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

We watched a movie yesterday. The Brave One. Have you seen it? I had actually seen it once before when I somehow convinced some friends to take me out while Cristy was on a work trip. I thought it would motivating. I thought I would grow muscles and not be afraid to go home alone. Instead I had nightmares. It's really awful. Twice.

The worst part is that Jodie Fost*r has a sex scene with a boy. I'm not against sex scenes with boys but you can't really be more gay than Jodie. I mean, it was gross. The boy was Saeed from Lost and that made it weird too because he's such a tough guy in that show. And she's such a tough guy, in general. It just wasn't right.

And almost worse was the violence. I thought Yeager was going to pee his pants in the first 10 minutes. Oh wait, that was ME. Because I would never Ever allow Yeager to watch a rated R movie - let alone one that has beatings and shootings and just way too many reasons to ever live in a big city. It was just me & Cristy and my face was burried for about 1/2 the show. There won't be a third time.

Then, last night we had a big, fat cousin sleepover. We rented The Last Mimzy. You must see this movie if you have a child at home that will give you the excuse to rent it. The little girl is reason enough to see it at least twice. She crinkles her nose when she's mad and pierces her lips with such a pout. Ah, I love pouty lips on little girls. & there's a bunny with the cutest belly button you've ever seen. Need I say more? I don't know what it was about really but it was heaven compared to the Jodie sex scene and the kids were cute.

And then tonight we met Cristy's family for dinner. Part of them brought their 8 month old little boy and I swear he bragged the whole time about how cute he was and how soft he was and how he made their lives complete. The whole dinner was all about him, him, him. The ego on that kid weighed about 17 1/2 pounds. And I'm obviously just being nasty because he is actually really cute and soft and wonderful - and I want one just like him. He was born just as my IVF failed and I sat & thought that if it would have worked, I would almost be ready to give birth. Weird. Time even flies when you're holding your breath.

We're crashing early tonight. My amazing better half is speaking at a committee hearing tomorrow morning at 8am. Yegs is coming too and if any one of those awful people even wince at him, I'll kick 'em in the shin. Because that's about how tired I am. & how terrible they are. Give us some love about saving our Domestic P Registry. We'll need it.

Happy early Monday everyone.