Monday, January 14, 2008

Attn: Utah Bloggers!

Last night, my family made the trek to a beautiful, tucked away community that's very obviously packed full of lesbian mom families. We left the grid of our city to get lost among the street names of a city called Riverton.

Since it seems that everyone in this great State is a blogger, I thought I'd out those of you that I know and ask the rest of you that read here to tell me who you are. If kj introduces me as my blog name, I am certainly not reading as much about my neighbors as I should. And I feel badly about it.

Back to last night and all the lesbians in the south valley...I'm still in awe. I imagined there might be four of you that convinced each other to move out there because the schools were close, the views were beautiful and the traffic was ... hell. (scratch that reason) But I was shocked at the crowd and am forever grateful to the hosts for filling their home on a late Sunday night.

If you don't live in Utah, you probably don't think there are more than 10 of us. But we really have a very large lgbt community here. And we're also way up there in the numbers of lgbt headed families. That is one of the many reasons we need to change our adoption laws. Our children deserve the same protection as the children next door - period.

If you were one of the many people that attended the meeting last night, keep in touch. Write your letters and ask that your family write theirs. And any ally who disagrees with the laws that don't protect our children make great stories too. Your daycare provider, your pediatrician, your church leader, your midwife - your child(ren)'s grandparents and aunts and uncles... I can tell you that the letter my mom wrote after she lost her grand-daughter was more compelling than any lifetime movie. Your family matters and everyone who doesn't get it, needs to hear it.

Attend the rally on the 13th of February (Capitol Rotunda 6pm) and show your support of this bill. If we fail to have a presence in it's first year, we will fail all together.