Thursday, January 17, 2008

Keri vs Britney

I went to the grocery store today. You know what that means, right? Yes, that I got to read all about Britn*y Spe*rs buying a pregnancy test with her latest boyfriend. Splashed across the cover were things like, "She's having another one!" & "A little sister for ? & ?" Whatever. I'm still bitter.

But then I thought about her and (because we all know her so very well) I realized I would rather slit my wrists than have her life. I'm not sympathizing - just saying she's made a nightmare out of what should have been a very creative, active, giving, happy life. And I want more than that.

Sure, I'd like the money she has. I could buy a lot of beautiful things for countless beautiful people. I'd also like the body she has. But she'll be thirty-seven one day and all "that" won't sit so high. I might like the attention for a while - maybe. But I have a lot that she doesn't have. You too, right?

I have family that doesn't call Dr Phil when I throw a tantrum. I have a partner who adores me and it's not because I let her ride my coattails and make some Gawd awful rap album. Cristy? Rap? And I have an amazing job where I'm encouraged and supported and guided through the good days and bad. (we even throw in a few dance moves every now and then too.)

So even though she can get pregnant on a whim - she's got nothin' on me. OR you.