Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

I've been catching up on all of you and it sounds like everyone had a perfect holiday - minus a few little colds and headaches. We're back home and, while we had a really nice week away, I was happy to be sleeping in my own bed with my own pillow. - the little things.

Reading you all made me realize how many of us trying to have babies are actually GOING to have babies in 2008! And now kj has joined the bunch! That girl just can't get enough attention. :) And if you haven't sent her love yet, please head over there and give her a cheer. And better yet, if any of you have five babies under age 4, let her know how easy it's going to be. Or lie - because right now she needs you to lie. :)

2007 is over and done with and even though I'm a good twenty pounds heavier, I feel lighter knowing I have a new year to look forward to. Looking back, a lot of exciting things happened.

* We went through our first round of IVF so now we should be pro's by the next time. :)
* We sold two houses and bought our first house that's just OURS.
* We did a little bit of traveling but not nearly enough. (Vegas, anyone?)
* We got a new/used dog that brings me happiness every single day.
* We paid off all of our debt but some tried to latch on again. (hence, the new house)
* We saw our best friends marry.
* We made many new friends.
* We caught up with old friends.

& if that's all I look at, it seems it was a pretty good year. In fact, I feel strong enough today to make the prediction that this year will beat last year by mountains!

My goal was to be better with my time and I think I did pretty good. I show up when I say I will. I'm organized. I focus on spending my time with people I love. Good on me!

So here's to the new year of baby making, weight losing, debt freeing, trip taking days to come! Cheers!