Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First Kiss

I read a statistic that over 80% of woman hated their first kiss. I think "hate" is a little harsh but I must admit I fall into the majority. Since 80% of woman probably had their first kiss with a boy, this makes perfect sense to me. Okay, that was harsh and I'm honestly kidding. But also, 9% of people marry the first person they kiss and 84% of kids under 13 have already experienced that first, dreadful french kiss.

I was 13. Almost a grown up :) I was "dating" a boy in the neighborhood. He was dangerous for a 14 year old. I always crushed on the type that got in too much trouble. So... I decided he could be my boyfriend when we were on a church trip. I think we were gone for a weekend so I was feeling extra rebellious. I held his hand. I was nice to him in front of my friends. And when our church leader dropped us off, I let him walk me home.

I knew the moment was coming. I knew we wouldn't be a real couple until I kissed him. He had already kissed other girls - oh, the pressure! He walked me up to the door and we stood there for (not nearly long enough) a while. Eventually, he made his move. I'm certain it felt something like this poor child is experiencing:

Grooooooss. He ended up marrying my best friend and I doubt there's been much change in his kissing style. Poor Tricia.

Many years later, eight to be exact, I would finally have my first real kiss with a girl. And the result was much better. So was it because I was so young when I "hated" my first kiss or was it better later just because I kissed a girl? Does it seem like girls actually care that kissing is good and important? And that boys are just trying to hurry through to the next step? :) I'm laughing because I know girls who hurry through too but I never minded them as much. :)

How was your first kiss? Boy or girl? Good or bad? & how young were you? This is causing me great anxiety. You're probably wondering why I'm googling all these statistics but it's because this Saturday is my best nephews first boy/girl party - he's twelve. Twelve. I held him in my arms just over twelve short years ago. He worshipped me - still does. He won't kiss her, right? I mean, he's not thirteen - yet.