Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend In Paradise

...and pictures to prove it. :)

We left the madness of the city for a couple of quiet days in the moutains. My brother and his kids joined us and we all met up at our family cabin for some R&R and spoiling from grandma and grandpa.

This is our new family toy.

Here are some pictures of us all sledding down the driveway.

Cute Yeager. Could he really be happier?

And here are some pictures of everyone sledding ALL the way down the mountain. We followed them on the Ranger and Snow Mobile to make sure cars weren't coming. They literally rode their sleighs 35 minutes - one solid ride. Amazing.

My brother on the luge run.

Little seven year old, Salomon. He's a dare devil.

The whole gang ending at the bottom of the road. The sun went down on our second trip. Very chilly.

This is the lake that is now covered in 8 inches of ice. There were people fishing on it all day. Not me - not in that wind.

This is the view up the hill. No one ever visits that little cabin. What a waste.

And here are some random pictures of us.

And this is all of us but Cristy, the photographer.