Friday, January 4, 2008

I got a crush on ...


Not really. I mean, he's handsome enough - in a "donor" sort of way. But I wonder if any of you have seen this yet, you simply must if it hasn't found its way to you yet. I saw it a few months ago and then started signing off as K to the E to the R to the I. It's very funny. Then Hillary fans started sending this one around which isn't nearly as easy to watch but still good and terribly funny. I'm sure there are more but these are the best I've seen.

It got me thinking...if I'm going to run for President one day, I need a new name. There just isn't a "ring" to my short little four letter name. K to the Anything doesn't roll of your tongue. & no one really has a crush on "ker". It just sounds weird. I've always wanted a 3 syllable name like Tiffany or Stephanie or Penelope - wait, that's four but you get it. I wanted one of those names that has lots of loops and looks pretty in cursive. My entire name - first, middle and last, has just four... small... syllables. Many people use my middle name just so it doesn't sound like they're clearing their throat or trying to get someone's attention. I'm whining. It's just that, if someone is going to get in their bikini and sing a song for me, I must have a very cool name!

When I think of naming our future young, I always try to stretch it out. I'll say, "how about TWO f's?" and Cristy will cross one out. Or "how about" and she'll say - why not just ly? Her name is as short as it can be too. You'd think she'd understand my pain.

And, I think four word names are fun too. Stephanie Melissa Perfect Jones. And names like Holly Lillia - when you say it all together it's like Hallelujah. Okay, I'm not serious. Don't worry. But I do want to come up with something original, yet easy to spell. And pretty. It must be pretty.

I think if I ever run for President I'll change my name to Harmony. Three syllables. Pretty. Loopy. There's no "i" to draw a heart over but I can deal with that.

Vote for Harmony Holly Lillia Jones! ...I'll keep thinking...