Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowa Caucus' *Update

It's time to begin politicking again. Did it really ever stop? It seems the upcoming Presidential race was well in force by last November's elections. So maybe the question should be...will it ever end? But I love it. The very threads of democracy are being woven as we speak and there is hardly nothing more exciting in my book.

So today, the Iowa caucus' meet and they'll gather around their favorite candidate and whoever has the largest group wins. Did you know it worked like that? I think it's odd. The Republicans do it differently but none of you would be one of those, right? kidding.

Anyway, statistically speaking, tonight will be telling of what's to come. & then whose turn is it? - New Hampshire? Ah - to Live Free or Die. That's their state motto. I love that. I spent a couple of weeks there on a honeymoon of all things. I was married on Independence Day and New England really knows how to celebrate this country! I bet they really throw around their flags this time of year too. Anyway...

To be honest, I haven't made my mind up yet regarding a candidate. I think Cristy and I like to compete against each other so we go back and forth about who is best. A woman? An African-American? A rich guy who happens to have a brilliant daughter? It's up in the air and thank God we've got a few months to bicker about it. Are any of you set in stone? Because if so, I bet I have a good argument to sway you. Again, kidding.

& don't go listing Romney just to play on my "Utah" card. I'm not a fan. - not of his politicking, not of his eyebrows and not of his faith. You can bet he'll win in this State but I'm not seeing much more out there for him. How do you really go from being pro-choice and pro-gay to such a bigot? Tricky, that's how. And Huckabee? Ew. Guiliani (or however you spell it), he's not handsome enough. The President must be handsome, right?

Now Hillary, she's handsome.
Last time, kidding.

Looks like it's Obama & Huckabee - who knew?
What do you all think?