Friday, July 20, 2007

"It's not as simple as DNA"...

I just got back from doing a morning radio show with another mom. It was our local NPR station. It was quick and mostly painless. The show is promoting a fabulous fundraiser for my friend Gina who is in the midst of her battle to bring home her daughter.

The host was great and seemed to really understand. He mentioned that he is a child of divorce and his parents have hated each other ever since. But the law protected him and I think he understood how unfair it is for kids like Gray, Madison, Randy, May, etc.

I wanted to just post something quick about tomorrow night in case any of you live in this God forsaken State and would like to support Gina and Maddie with your love and dollars.

Static Salon
380 W Pierpont Ave (between 2nd & 3rd S)
Starts at 7pm and there will be food and entertainment & everyone is welcome!
$15 suggested donation
or 3 for $40
& a silent auction and raffle for all the girls like me who can't bare to leave without a prize or two in hand!
More details at

Please come. Show her some love!