Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bomb Scare!

Who knew? Cristy tried to send me flowers today and when she realized I hadn't got them by 4 o'clock, she called to inquire...

"but there's been a bomb threat on that block. it's been evacuated."

There I was, in my calm little building - third floor. I was minding my own business and hunting down municipal race candidates for all the local cities...no idea there was danger among us.

When we walked outside we saw the helicopter overhead. Did he honk or wave us away? Nooo! Just let us walk softly to our car - no loud alarm, no warning.

I could have been blown to bits!
But don't worry, I made it out alive. Barely, I'm sure.

And my flowers were delivered to my front door instead.
Thanks honey. xo.