Monday, July 9, 2007

Here Come the Brides!

Yesterday, Cristy and I took J&E shopping for their wedding attire. Separately.

I went with E and we spent four hours in a dress store just to have her buy the first dress she tried on. I say, that's magic! That's when you know you got it right! Not that seeing in her in that gown wasn't proof enough. She is beautiful. She's going to be even more beautiful when J sees her.

Cristy's experience wasn't as girlie emotional but she was still so cute telling me little snippets as we checked in every hour or so. We are both so happy to have them in our lives and even happier that they found each other.


So, let's talk about gay weddings for a bit - gay weddings in a place where you can't really be a legal bride. It will do nothing to solidify your relationship in the courts or prove something to your neighbor. But is it still worth it? Is it worth it to show your commitment to your friends and family? & then, aren't you really doing it for them? Aren't gay weddings really just about sharing your happiness and commiting yourselves in front of God and everyone? And isn't it even more special that we do it even though we don't really get anything from it like lower taxes or Social Security benefits?

I've typically been against the idea but that's only because I'm bitter. I'm bitter that I traveled across the country to marry my partner in VT (thank you, Gov Dean) and that marriage/union still didn't protect me and my daughter when our relationship dissolved a few years later. I almost hate that I included my entire family and all of our dearest friends in a union that didn't work. & I'm bothered that our marriage's aren't blessed or taken seriously by organizations that typically support marriages in times of celebration and pain. It's unfair.

So, what's the scoop? What do you think? Is it worth having a ceremony? Is it worth having another one if you've already totally messed one up? For our best girls, it is the very best choice. But what about for you? Yea or Nay?