Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th! (or 5th)

How was your holiday? Ours was H.O.T! but lovely - filled with friends and family, banana splits and fireworks. Perfect.

We woke up and decided we would take a giant scooter ride! "Giant" means we would ride all the way to Yeager's other house. The weather was nice enough in the morning but got more hot by the minute. By the time we dropped him off, I was in deep need of something refreshing!

I realize there are worse places (as far as weather) than Utah. But it is seriously hot these days. Global warming? I think Yes! I don't think we've had a day below 98 degrees in a while and 98 degrees is just too many!

Back to Cristy and I continued our ride to the Sugarhouse Fair then around the neighborhoods then onto a tasty lunch. Everything was dreamy until we finished lunch and tried to go home. Mine died. Yep, my brand spankin' new scoot, died. Fortunately, our new house is at the bottom of a big hill. (this is unfortunate as far as real estate goes but still...) We coasted all the way home. Boo.

Did I tell you we bought Cristy a scooter too? She was supposed to sell her motorcycle first but she caved. They were just too cute. Here they are together:

Also, here is a better picture of the playhouse. It's actually a shed below and play area on top!

And one more of our new pergola. We built it all by our lonesome. Well, us and my parents.

Thanks to all of you who sent emails or left messages regarding my favorite holiday. I do appreciate how well you know me. The past few years I think I've hated that day but no more. I really want to Love the 4th of July again!

For those of you who don't know, it's always been my fave! I was born a patriot and everything "American" has always made me weepy. I have more packed up flags, flag pictures, flag dishes, history books, First Lady everything, etc than you've probably ever seen in one place. & I so loved the idea around Independence Day and fireworks that I decided to get married on the 4th of July. Bad idea. Never marry on a holiday - especially your favorite. It seemed a good idea at the time - imagining fireworks on every anniversary, celebrating my freedom and "free to be me" with her forever and forever you know, it didn't work that way and I've been bitter for some time.

...(Not to mention my lull of pride in America since GW showed up. It's hard to be pro-America when your leader - picked TWICE - is such an idiot. Enough.)

So, last year I spent the firework weekend with Gracie. We bought pounds of every "way up" firework there was and I decided that this holiday is no longer about America or my failed relationship. Give me back the power to love my holiday! I'm going to enjoy it damnit! I'm going to watch the fireworks again and I'm going to love it!

And I did.

We watched them spontaneously with friends, kids and neighbors. And they were beautiful. Cristy held my hand and I was happy to be there with her. I thought of Gracie and knew without question that she was squealing with joy at every "way up" purple and gold flower. And that she was making dogs and cats and angels out of the ones that might be oddly shaped. I'm sure she had her hand on her heart and she said the pledge of allegiance and her mom secretly snuck a photo. I would pay big - so big - for that photo.

Last night, after many years, I re-owned the 4th of July as my favorite! Not because of GW or past weddings but because of the joy in Gracie's eyes and the softness of Cristy's hand and banana splits on a Wednesday night.

The magic is back.