Monday, July 2, 2007

Post House Warming...

Yes! It finally happened! After living here for three months, we finally had our house warming party. It was just perfect! Okay, a bit warm but it's supposed to be, right?

Thanks to J&E, we collected enough pitchers for our fabulous drink list:

The Moroni Mojito
The Joseph Smith Gay Breeze - typically "Bay" Breeze
BrighamAde - Blueberry Vodka and Lemonade
Dirty'Ezra - Dirty Martini
And the Kimball Temple - Shirley Temple's for the tots!

All in honor of the dear prophets birth home - fabulous!

All the drinks were delish but my favorite was the BrighamAde and poor Cristy found herself back at the liquor store for more blueberry flavoring. I may have had more than my share... seriously tasty! Add another talent to her many - she's Great at getting me drunk! :)

It was so nice to have our friends and family in the same place. It doesn't happen nearly enough. We feel so blessed to have the people we do in our lives. Old, young. Old & new. We added a few new friends to the mix and it all worked very well.

The girls helped us clean up and we were all fast asleep by 1:30 AM! Who am I? 1:30? Whew! Thank God there's only one house warming party ever! This girl can't do nights like that more than once a year! While the kids didn't last quite that long, they weren't too far ahead of us. They were lovely, as always.

Here are some bad self portraits and other shots - just for fun.

All the kids at the tree house

Yeager & Julia

Me & Jack
Cristy chatting away with Jackie, Julia & Jenna
Trista, Kristen & Julia (is that an Empty BrighamAde?)
Tana & Yeager

Tori & Erika

Me & Jenna

Me with my parents