Wednesday, July 11, 2007

IVF #2? Ready...Set...wait a minute...

Today we met with our doctor to talk about IVF #2. Not so fun. Not that any of us expected it to work the first time but part of me wished it very hard. He was terribly disappointed. So disappointed in fact, that Cristy and I didn't realize he was talking about us. We thought he was having a "disappointing" day. Nope, us. Weird. So he'd like us to try again. He'd like to 1/2 the meds to try and avoid OHS. But because my levels were so high (8147) it's almost sure that it'll happen again. So what in the hell are we supposed to do?

Cristy has old eggs. Not to sound rude but he doesn't like eggs over 40. I totally don't get that because I imagine Cristy's eggs to be as young as she seems to me! I love 40 year old eggs! :) If I'm sounding patronizing, I'm really just trying to be funny in a not so funny situation. Anyway... stranger donor eggs are not an option because it will put us in the $30K range's not an option. So all we can do it try again and then move on to surrogacy or adoption. Both scare me to death because we have to lie for either to work! Plus, who am I to expect a woman to carry a baby and then give it to me?

Exhale. We're taking time to think things through. & we do have time to spare. It turns out my body isn't quite ready to try again yet anyway. You'd think I'd be good at waiting by now.

Last night, in bed, Cristy said "I bet you were one of those kids that got really frustrated at the 'putting the right shapes into the right hole' game. She guessed that I chipped the edges of the stars all the time. This was no sexual innuendo - just pointing out that my patience isn't what it should be.