Monday, July 23, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane!

How is it Monday already? I missed my relaxing weekend at home - watering plants, playing fetch with Molly...

Instead, you ask? What in the world have I been doing with myself? Well, let me tell you my friends. Things have been Busy with a capitol Z!
The SIL is still in town and we're loving every minute of her. We spent a while on Saturday trying to convince her to move here. She's hetero and done having babies so there are really no bad points to scare her off. Plus she has enough cash to buy one of those amazing houses where no one I know lives. That part was Really fun!

Saturday night was Gina's fundraiser and it was wonderful! That girl is brave and honest and genuine and her friends were all there just proving how every minute was worth their time! & her daughter? All I could think about was how proud she'll be that her mom faught so hard to get her home. That little girl is depending on her to not give up and she just keeps proving over and over that she's not quitting. Thanks to those of you that showed up for them. I hope we all meet little Maddie very soon.
And, I won a beautiful drawing in the auction! But I need another one to match it... Any ideas, Gina?

Our poor dog has been suffering of late. She has some kind of absess and it has made her feel less than her normal self. She's had a couple of playdates with her best boy, Juneau and even he has struggled to perk her up. Here are some damn cute pictures of them from Friday. They are in love!

I'm loving her more than normal...just replacing her with the baby this isn't yet in my body. We're still kicking around the idea of trying again next month but it's getting less and less appealing. This cycle has been a nightmare for me - phsyically and emotionally. I'm not sure how I still have girl friend. Saint, I tell ya!