Thursday, July 19, 2007

Twisted Sister

My sister in-law is coming in town tonight. We've been getting ready for her visit for the last week. We're really excited to see her and she hasn't seen our new house yet. Lucky for me, Cristy has finally decided to complete her "to do" list. For this reason alone, I would be grateful for the visit.

But there are many more. This particular SIL is my favorite part of Cristy's family. There are good parts but this part is great! She's so funny and so sweet. And she's Cristy's "back". You know, like Cristy is the front of a person and she's the back. They're the same, but different. They finish each other's sentences. They both laugh at things the average person would never find funny. They have this inane passion for Bugs Bunny that I'll die not understanding. They're weird together. Goofy. The both smile bigger when she's here or we're there. & I smile just watching them.

I never had a sister. And I never wanted one. My mom gave me two amazing brothers and I would've taken 10 more. In fact, she actually lied to me when she got her tubes tied because I had been begging for more brothers and she'd knew I'd tantrum. I found out. I tantrumed. I'm not sure why I was against having a sister. Maybe she would have challenged my Princess Post or maybe I would've had to share my clothes. It might have been selfish but I like to think not.

I have an Aunt who is four years older than me. We grew up close to each other and she was mean. She had this thing with telling me to "step" into terrible places. Because she was older than me, I did everything she said. Once, we were walking home from getting an ice cream and she told me to step in a standing puddle. I stepped in and sunk to my neck. She knew it was a hole and she laughed at me until she peed her pants. Another time, she ran ahead of me and put a paper towel on the ground. Again, she told me to step on it and I did. *Rolling eyes - embarrassed that I have two of these stories* It was a small sewer pipe and my whole right leg went into the ground. My best pair of glitter red Dorothy MaryJanes now consisted of only one sad shoe. Worse, while I was stuck trying to squeeze my leg out of the hole, she told me the devil lived down there and he was jumping at my foot. Again, until she peed.

Enough of that. I think I just realized why I never wanted a sister. Girls are mean. I remind her all the time that she ruined my best shoes. Wicked, wicked mean.

I take the SIL any day.