Monday, October 8, 2007

And again, back to Monday

Yeager's birthday was full of fun. We took them rock climbing and no one fell, no one broke anything and no one died. The boys were all so cute but seriously, boys are crazy! & loud! I mean, they were well mannered but how does one deal with more than one of them? Whew! But they were fun. Here are some pics of his morning.

Yeager was terribly brave.

And this kid was 1/2 monkey!

The party began at 10am so instead of cupcakes, we had muffins. Instead of punch, we had apple juice.

Just like that, he was eight years old. Well, kind of. His birthday isn't until Thursday but he may as well be 8 this very moment.

He opened all of his presents but one - he'll open that at sushi on Thursday with Cristy's family. We had a party for him yesterday with my family and then, of course, his other mom will have another party for him next Saturday. Divorce sucks. But c'mon, more families mean more presents. :) I'm sure that's a bonus he's clearly thinking of today...

Back to boys...My mom had twin boys when I was just about three years old. I always thought she had them for me - like they were a present because I was so good. And when I was older and realized that's just what families are, I was a little disappointed. But in reality, that's what they've been to me. My little brothers were my playmates, kick boxing opponents and sounding boards. Yesterday, they turned 34! So, Happy 34 to my baby brother. (who's been bigger than me for twenty years!)