Monday, October 1, 2007

First day of Halloween...

I started digging out Halloween gear today. I found a picture of Gracie from 2002. She dressed as Eeyore. Seriously, she could not have been sweeter! Her other mother was Uncle Sam and I was Lady Liberty. We told everyone we were the "symbol of democracy"...get it? Gracie was a donkey! She was born a democrat! :)

I set her picture on the shelf and sat in thought about what she'll be this year. Belle? Little Mermaid? Jasmine? She'll most certainly be a princess, right? It's her 7th Halloween and I was only there for the first three. Preemie pumpkin onesie, Eeyore and a mouse. God, I miss her. I wonder if Halloween is really that great to her since she surely spends days upon days dressed up anyway? And I wonder if she's still afraid of the Walgre*ns by her house because it had those scary decorations she saw? Months later, we'd drive by and she'd sink into her carseat saying, "stawy mommy!" I bet she still hates all those things.

I decorated Yegs room with skeleton's and evil pumpkins. He'll love it. He'll probably be a barbarian or some half dead gross thing. He'll change his mind up until the day before. But, no matter what, he'll be scary & bloddy & oozing with something. They have a big thing at his school every year where all the parents come and the kids roam around the school, showing off their costumes. He always has a big showing and this year will be no exception. I'm looking forward to it.

Halloween is fun. But more fun with kids. As I was setting things around the house I thought, "this would be so much better if there were kids here." Isn't everything? I mean, Cristy is pretty great but come on! She's got nothin' when it comes to decorating! :)

Time for babies, toddlers & kids. Lots of 'em!