Friday, September 28, 2007

The Wedding Day!

Today, our best friends will marry. To call them best friends seems insufficient. They are our family. Part of our home. We feel so blessed to have found them. And they are even more blessed in finding each other.

One can wait a whole lifetime for a moment like this.
The woman who you never hoped to meet
now sits before you
and she talks and looks
exactly like the person you dreamed about.
But strangest of all is that you never realized before
that you had dreamed about her.
Your whole past is like a long sleep
which would have been forgotten
had there been no memory
but remembrance is there in the blood
and the blood is like an ocean
in which everything is washed away
but that which is new
and more substantial even than life: Reality.
-Henry Miller

There isn't much to say other than what has already been said. We love you both with all of our hearts. You have been a blessing to our relationship and we hope to always be the same to you. We wish you endless years of happiness, health, warmth & love. And hope to walk all of our miles just a mile or so away.

Forever and Ever.