Friday, September 7, 2007

Let's Make Up!

"Never vote for the best candidate. Vote for the one who will do the least harm."
- Frank Dane

This is not necessarily the best quote for this post but I wanted to get your attention.

Next Tuesday, is the Primary Election. In this State, we'll be voting in the municipal races and it's getting intense people! "NECK and Neck and neck..." in the SLC Mayor race. So this email is to tell each and every one of you to vote in your primary but especially if you're here, in my city! I can't tell you who to vote for because my amazing job doesn't allow me to speak until after September 11th but I can tell you that your vote will matter. Your little finger print on that screen could make oodles of difference in your city! So DO it!

I also wanted to add a little shout out for all of you who participated in yesterday's commenting competition. I'm still determining the winner. I'll let you know after the Primarys. (trying to lighten the mood here)

I appreciate the forum of blogging because it allows us to be funny and obnoxious and concerned. We can educate, evaluate and question even our own hearts. I feel safe here, as I've said before. And maybe it's because you don't see my face as I type or even at the market or on the street. Even if you know my story with Gray, I can talk about the good parts here and parts of my new family. Maybe it's because we're all a little "anonymous" through these posts and we can express ourselves without being on the front page of (not) Either way, I thank each and every one of you - whether we agree or not.

Have a lovely weekend!